Would you buy this book?

reinventing-ym-coverOK folks, I’ve written a book which will be published later on this year … part memoir, part youth ministry rant … and the publisher has suggested this cover design. There’s still time to change things, so your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Everything is up for grabs … concept, images, title, subtitle, etc. … so tell me what you think works and what doesn’t. Thanks!

(click on the image to make it bigger.)

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3 Responses to Would you buy this book?

  1. Len Evans says:

    1. I would buy it based on the title and author alone.

    2. I like the subtitle but I’d tweak it to “From Flash and Bells to Flesh and Blood” but that’s just the way I think.

    3. Looking forward to it. Great Cover.

  2. Dave Sheffel says:

    How about Re-reinventing Youth Ministry (again)? The picture will appeal to old timers but I’m not sure about the guys (and girls) doing it now. Glad to know you are still at it.

  3. Adam says:

    I’ve always found you to be an inspiration to me and my ministry. Your heart for the gospel, for youth and for families and the fact you are still passionate about all these things years into your prime encourages me. Thanks!

    I would make one suggestion…I don’t really like subtitle. I’m not sure how important that that is. I think most people in youth ministry realize where we’ve been (good and bad).

    I can’t wait to read it.

    Thanks again!

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