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Since 1976, I’ve hosted a radio program called “The Bluegrass Special.” For 45 years it was carried on San Diego’s #1 country music station, KSON-FM. It is now carried on San Diego’s “other” country music station KRLY-FM, better known as Mountain Country 107.9 in Alpine (where I live). It’s a smaller radio station with a much smaller coverage area, but anyone can listen to the show anywhere in the country by using a radio app like TuneIn Radio, Simple Radio or Live365. You can also listen on your “Alexa” or on your computer’s browser by visiting the station website ( If you use a radio app, search for Mountain Country 107.9 in Alpine, CA. My show is on Sundays, 4 to 7pm. See you on the radio!

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  1. Tom Brantley says:

    Hi Wayne,
    Don’t know if you remember me or not, but I was the fiddler with New Road when you and LeRoy did the Sunday morning chapel service at IBMA a few years ago. Just stumbled onto your website, and wanted to say howdy! Lots of things have happened to me since you say me last. I was called into the ministry about 5 years ago, and pastor a small church now in Beechgrove, Tennessee. Still play Bluegrass too (of course). Check out our new website. Well, you take care Wayne. God Bless!
    Tom Brantley

    • Wayne says:

      Hi Tom
      Yes I do remember New Road and still play those New Road CD’s you gave me on my radio show from time to time. I became a New Road fan at those IBMA chapel services. I could always tell that the Gospel was not just a style of music you played … it was what you were all about. If I’m ever in Beechgrove Tennessee I’ll definitely come hear you preach! Many blessings to you and the rest of the band.

  2. Janice Abshire says:

    Hello Wayne! There is a song of yours in a “Kairos Songbook” that I’d like to lead at a ministry for women who have or have had a loved one incarcerated. How can I hear the melody… Or should I make one up, since the title is, “A Reason To Sing.”

    Janice A in AZ

  3. Wayne Rice says:

    Hi Janice,
    Forgot about that song! My old friend Yohann Anderson put that song in his songbook many years ago. Actually it is incorrectly attributed to me, although I did change some of the lyrics and probably changed the melody a bit too when I did it. The original song is found on an album by banjo player Doug Dillard “A Reason to Sing.” I don’t think the album is still in print but you may be able to find a copy online.
    Hope that helps.

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