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One the sad realities of my life is that I know more about bluegrass music than I know about pretty much anything else. I can’t help it, but I’m a walking encyclopedia of bluegrass music trivia. Ask me a question sometime like “What bluegrass fiddle player appeared in the movie Star Trek?” I can answer it. It’s a spiritual gift. (The answer, by the way, is Byron Berline.)

Most of what I know about bluegrass music is found on a website that I own and keep up-to-date called Bluegrass Bios. I created it for bluegrass DJ’s like myself who want to keep their facts straight when they are on the air. Go ahead, check it out and you can be a bluegrass music expert too.

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  1. ross harvey says:

    july youre a woman info on artist where can i find the record

  2. ross harvey says:

    july youre a woman i
    nfo on artist where can i find the record

    • Wayne Rice says:

      July You’re a Woman is by Red White and Bluegrass. The song came out in the early 70’s and is available through and probably some other digital music providers. The song was recently recorded also by Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen. I really like Frank’s version of it. Check him out on the web. Hope this information is helpful to you.

  3. Paddy Murphy says:

    Hi, I’m trying to buy “Hero by Brush Arbor” mmy wife has had the cassette about 30years, ands it’s now worn out. I’ve tried to tracew it here in the UK without success.n Can you help?

  4. Wayne Rice says:

    Hello Paddy,
    I’m just gessing, but you must be Irish. My family is also Irish, mostly on my mother’s side (Powers). I visited Ireland a few years ago and discovered that one of our Powers ancestors was a whiskey maker!
    Anyway, if you would like to get the album Hero by Brush Arbor, go to Brush Arbor’s website which is My brother Jim can help you out.

  5. David Leigh Shearer says:

    I remember you and your brothers from Random Sample years ago. Are any of the songs still available digitally?

  6. Wayne Rice says:

    My brothers and I weren’t in the group Random Sample but you have the period right. We (Brush Arbor and the Rice Kryspies) were good friends with Random Sample members (Ted and Gerry Limpic, Dave Hopkins, etc.) Some of Brush Arbor’s music may still be available at

  7. Robin Huber says:

    July You’re A Woman was written and recorded by John Stewart after he left The Kingston Stewart. I have it on his “Signals Through The Grass” vinyl album with Buffy Ford. Available digitally through iTunes.

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