Seen On a Car Window in San Diego

window-stickerOne of KSON’s listeners made this sticker for his car, e-mailed it to the radio station and it was then forwarded to me. I really don’t know this person so I’m not sure what led him to do this. He either likes my radio show … or likes guitarist Tony Rice … or maybe he just likes to eat rice while listening to bluegrass? Whatever the reason, I think it’s pretty cool.

UPDATE: I received an e-mail from the 16-year-old girl who e-mailed the photo and she explains: “My dad listens to your show every Sunday really loud. lol. He had that sticker made at a store down the street and wanted it to be an inside joke that only fans of the show would get. “

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3 Responses to Seen On a Car Window in San Diego

  1. lol.that’s my dad’s truck ha ha ha!!!

  2. la la la ha ha ha lol that’s my dada’s ttttrrrruuuccckk!!!!!!

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