Our XLIII Anniversary

Marci and I never forget how many years we’ve been married because our January 27 anniversary date is forever linked to the number of Super Bowls that have taken place (43 this year) … plus it always falls on the about the same weekend. We always try to celebrate our anniversary as big as we can (depending on what we can afford to do at the time). This year, we were blessed to be able to make a return trip to New Orleans, our first visit there since Katrina. We’ve always loved New Orleans: the culture, the music, the food, the art and architecture. We enjoyed it all last week after spending the weekend in Memphis Tennessee where I did a parent seminar at Christ United Methodist Church Friday night, a men’s breakfast on Saturday morning and preached three services on Sunday. From there we took the train to New Orleans and really had a good time. Besides a really nice meal at Emeril’s, we heard some great jazz at a little club called the Spotted Cat. It only holds about 30 people inside, plus the bar and stage. We sat close to the musicians and just marveled at how blessed we were to be there. Here’s a sample which I shot on our digital camera:

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