Laughing Layla

Here’s a picture of our granddaughter Layla taken at Christmas, with a bow on her head. One of the few times she thought grandpa was funny. Most of the time I just make her cry …

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2 Responses to Laughing Layla

  1. Walter Rice says:

    Hey Wayne,

    How did a rascal like you have such a beautiful grand-daughter. Must have been her Grand-Mother…(Or maybe her Mother and Dad had something to do with it…)

    Christopher, our son and his wife Lyndsay are expecting their first child (daughter) in April and we are as excited as you appear to be. Trust She won’t be hampered by her grandfather’s genes…

    I subscribed to Slaker and haven’t stopped listening to it since you sent the link. Great music and genres. Thanks Cousin and all the best.


  2. Wayne says:

    Hey Walter,
    Fortunately for Layla there are none of our genes involved. You are right that it’s all Corey and Janna. It’s easy to see both of them in Layla. You are going to love being a grandpa … We’re excited for you guys and for Christopher and Lyndsay.
    Glad you found Slacker. I think they do an amazing job of delivering music on the internet. Of course the bluegrass station is especially good!
    Take care

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