Help Choose the Cover of My New Book

Standard Publishing has asked for some feedback on two cover designs for my new book Generation to Generation. What do you think? Which do you like best? Keep in mind that this is a book for parents. Click on the images to make them larger.


Design 1 "Lawnchairs"


Design 2: "Feet"

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18 Responses to Help Choose the Cover of My New Book

  1. Francine Phillips says:

    I definitely like the top design – it instantly shows a link between older and younger, plus the pose of chairs on the pier suggest wisdom running beneath to and fro like the endless rising of the tide. I almost think that the artifacts – the hat, etc. – are a distraction.

    The feet are just…feet.

  2. James Ward says:

    Feet is my preference. I guess as a grandfather now, I love the image of kids together, and think of all the times I’m having and the things they are picking up from their parents. I miss seeing you, Wayne!

    • Wayne says:

      James … nice to hear from you and I miss getting to play music with you like we did so many years ago. I don’t do much “worship leading” (when did being a song leader become being a worship leader?) anymore but the most fun I ever had doing it was at all those NYWC’s with you.
      Thanks for the feedback on the book cover. So far there doesn’t seem to much of a consensus one way or the other. Maybe that’s not a bad thing … we can’t go wrong either way I guess.
      I’m enjoying being a grandpa too! Getting old has its benefits!

  3. Melissa says:

    Hey Wayne,

    I really like the first book cover. It caught my eye right away and peaked my interest. Hope that the feedback is helpful. I am guessing you have finished your book, so congrats to you.

  4. furstcover says:

    Definitely the top one.

  5. Elizabeth Murdock says:

    The feet are tingly and will reach a younger audience the chairs are a mature shot and have seen them used on many covers. The feet are unique. The white is a bit overexposed and distracts from feet another shot a lil closer of the feet and voila…:>

  6. Jeri Nolfi Brown says:

    I immediately liked the top one better, aesthetically . To me it shows more of a connection to conversations between generations. The feet looks like it’s all kids no adults. I love kids, but isn’t the purpose of the cover to convey the message of older and younger people learning from each other through interactions?

  7. Marie Clausen says:

    I like the top one much better. If there are old folks’ feet in the second one, I can’t see them. (Maybe the photo is too small or my glasses are dirty if I missed them.)

  8. Tim McLaughlin says:

    Feet. Wonderful. The adirondack chairs give one the feeling that the book is about old money on Long Island.

  9. Jim Dyke says:

    I vote for the feet… c’mon… it’s a book about generations, for crying out loud… HUMAN generations… not a book about vacations! I would actually vote even stronger for a picture of HANDS… I think hands symbolize interaction; connection; collaboration; support a heckuva lot better than FEET!!?? But who am I to say? I’m just a person who actually might BUY the book! BTW… good luck, Wayne… I know how hard it is to get a book published these days.

  10. Cristina says:

    Well, i’m a bit partial to the second one because it’s my image! 🙂

    • Wayne says:

      The feet seem to be getting good responses … that’s very cool that you took the photo. How did you find my web site?

  11. I love the feet… they scream warmth, fun, family… The feet evoke the idea of passing on traditions from generation to generation out of deep love for family… for one another…

    The first cover strikes me as somewhat cold and lifeless, evoking the thought that passing on traditions from generation to generation is a matter of tradition and obligation….

  12. Faye says:

    I think you should have a set of granparents holding those precious kids that the feet belong to, in the chairs!!!!!!!!

  13. Wayne says:

    Thanks to all who have responded to this so far. Good feedback and the publisher has been paying attention to it. There may be a third option in the works as a result. Of these two, I think the feet photo has a slight edge although the beach chairs was the favorite of quite a few people between here and Facebook. I liked the chairs best at first, my wife liked the feet. But ultimately the final decision will be the publisher’s …
    I’ll keep you posted.

  14. Naomi says:

    Wayne, I hope you chose the feet! 🙂 ~Naomi

  15. Bill Barrick says:

    The feet–hands down! Maybe it’s because the beach chairs remind me of rocking chairs and I’m still too inclined to being peripatetic. I can’t wait to get inside the cover of your book.

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