Follow the Light … house (part two)

Here are a couple of other photos that were taken at our Shadow Mountain Community Church performance last weekend, shot by Irene Mount, from her seat in the audience.

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One Response to Follow the Light … house (part two)

  1. Hi Wayne,

    Heard you play Joe Mullins on your program with Larry Sparks. Sounded great.

    I’m letting you know that Joe has a program out of Xenia, Ohio. First hour is gospel mostly bluegrass, second hour is all bluegrass. It’s on Monday thru Fridays, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon your time.

    To get it the website is, and click listen.

    Since I’m retired, I listen to it religiously every chance I get just like I listen to your great program. The internet is sure great for that. Praise the Lord.

    Well, I’ll let you go and God bless you.

    Take care,

    Dave Christianson
    Tulsa, OK

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