Enjoy Your Middle Schooler Seminar

enjoymsI wrote a book about fifteen years ago for parents titled “Enjoy Your Middle Schooler.” The book went out of print recently (the kids on the cover started to look a bit dated) but this weekend I’ve turned the book into a seminar for parents which I’m doing at Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon.

Middle schoolers (or junior highers as they are still sometimes called) are still near and dear to my heart. When I first began doing youth ministry in YFC more than 43 years ago, it was with junior high kids. As a college student I didn’t have enough age or experience to work with high school students, so I was put in charge of a poor unsuspecting group of junior high kids. I found my calling there and to this day feel most comfortable around this age group.

enjoy-ms-logo_smallThe seminar is Friday at 7:00 p.m. in the Crew Room (13/14) at Shadow Mountain Community Church (2100 Greenfield Drive) in El Cajon.

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3 Responses to Enjoy Your Middle Schooler Seminar

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  2. Cindy Cummings says:

    We are reading your book as part of our professional development in our middle school. Do you have any handouts or PowerPoint slides I might be able to share with my colleagues? Thanks!

    Cindy Cummings
    Math Teacher
    Ben Lippen School
    Columbia, SC

  3. Wayne says:

    No I don’t have PPT slides or handouts for this seminar any longer. Sorry. Hope you have found the book helpful.
    All the best,

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