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boxesWell, we finally moved out of the hotel we’ve been staying in for the past three months and spent our first night back home. Even though the house is in disarray, with most of our stuff still in boxes or missing, we are so happy to sleep in our own bed. In case you didn’t know, we had to vacate our home on April 9 because of a small kitchen fire. We hired a restoration company to rid the house of the smoke damage and repair the kitchen. We never realized that we were signing up for 104 days away from home.

I won’t share all the details of this unhappy story now as there is still much to be resolved and settled. But it’s good to be home despite the frustration of not being able to locate all our stuff. One thing we did learn from living in a hotel for three months is that you can get by on a lot less stuff than we thought. The question for us now is: how much of all this stuff still in boxes do we want to just get rid of?

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foho_camp2010Last week I accompanied the middle-school group from our church to summer camp at Forest Home. I really can’t remember the last time I spent a week with a group of junior high boys as a cabin counselor, but the sounds, the smells (especially the smells), the cabin discussions … they all felt strangely familiar to me.

It was a good week. The kids really had a blast and I enjoyed very much watching my son Nate (who directs the junior high camps at Forest Home) at work. Later this year, he and I are going to do a seminar on camping at the YS National Youth Workers Convention, so it was helpful for me to observe and be part of an actual summer camp program at least once this year. I used to do quite a few camps, either leading them or speaking at them … but that was a long time ago.

I was very proud of Nate … he was the camp speaker and did a great job. I know my presence there made him a bit uncomfortable but he persevered and from all I heard, the kids responded well to his messages. I was also impressed with the team of leaders Nate assembled to run all the activities and programs. By my count there were more than a dozen staff. It amazes me that we used to run those camps with a staff of four. Times have definitely changed.

Meanwhile … back at home … we are still living in a hotel room, now into our fourth month. The restoration company has held our stuff hostage waiting for insurance money. This has been the most difficult experience I’ve gone through since my wife’s brain tumor almost ten years ago. We are praying that maybe this week we will be able to return home.