This web site contains short profiles of the best known bluegrass artists and bands. I began compiling this material back in 1988 for bluegrass radio announcers like myself who want to at least sound knowledgeable about the music they play. Originally I published this material in a three-ring binder for a small fee but now it’s conveniently located on the web and it’s free.

I also wrote it because I love bluegrass music. Ever since that fateful day in 1964 when I heard the Dillards, I have been a fan of the music and even learned to play it myself. In the early 70’s, I was a member of a group called Brush Arbor and I continue to play banjo with a couple of local San Diego bands.

Since 1976 I have hosted a weekly radio program called “The Bluegrass Special.” It is heard Sunday evenings on San Diego’s “#1 for New County” radio station, KSON (103.7 FM). One of the goals of my radio program is to educate listeners about bluegrass music as well as to entertain them. Since we are a long way from the bluegrass heartland, people on the west coast are not always familiar with the music and the musicians.

I have also discovered that most country-music DJ’s are relatively unfamiliar with bluegrass as well. Even though they enjoy the music, they rarely have the opportunity to learn about the music—the history of it, who the artists are and where they came from. As a result, many are reluctant to play it on the air.

Hopefully this web site will help in that regard. It is not meant to be a complete history of bluegrass, nor a thorough biography of every bluegrass artist. It is a collection of tidbits which I hope other DJ’s can use to provide listeners with basic information about the artists they are hearing on the radio.

While I am offering disclaimers, here’s a couple more. This material was not extensively researched. While I do know many of the artists personally and have interviewed many of them, most the information in this book is second-hand, gleaned rather hap-hazardly over the years from magazine articles, album liner notes and the like.

This web site will change frequently. It is in process. I will continue to update and correct material on a regular basis. Please excuse any errors that are undoubtedly present. If you notice any, I’d appreciate hearing from you.

I would also like to apologize to all those artists who are not included here. I compiled this material primarily on the basis of recordings which have made their way into my radio program’s music library. Unfortunately, I don’t get everything that comes out. I have also limited entries (generally) to national rather than regional artists, and I have also limited entries to artists who have recorded albums or singles under their own name. This is why I have not included band members (sidemen) or other well-known people in the bluegrass music community who are not primarily known for their recordings.

I hope you find this material helpful and I also hope it makes a small contribution to the advancement of good bluegrass music on the radio.

Wayne Rice

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