Wayne Rice has been involved in ministry (mostly youth ministry) for over 50 years. Currently he is a writer, speaker, consultant, ministry volunteer, radio personality and banjo player. He is a bluegrass music nut. He also loves being a husband, father and grandpa. Here are some of the details:

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  1. Mark Hamersly says:


    Or should I say, Pastor? I have e-mailed you a couple of times in the past, but looking you up on the Internet (at work we were talking Bluegrass, I work now as a CBP Tech after blowing out my right knee (meniscus tear), twice, as an Officer. I read about your time in the hospital, and it felt familiar. At the age of 42, I had two “left lacunar infarcts,” I recovered extremely well,passing CA Peace Officer Standards of Training, including the treadmill stress test, one year post strokes! After gettin ghired by SDSO, then the Probation Department, I came here after 9-11. What I would like to do now,is say THANK YOU,for your much earlier impact on my life. I started attending CABC at age 16 while a student at Patrick Henry and goping to Campus Life meetings and volunteering at Youth for Christ. Your church brought me to Christ in 1971. When I graduated a year early, enlisted as that was all I could do, knowing that better men than me were fighting, and dying in Vietnam, I immediately volunteered for Vietnam service. Being a Christian, and trying to live my life in according to the guidance of Fomans 8:28, was a great blessing. I wasn’t afraid of dying. The Lord had me in His hands, and when He wants me, I was ready. I thank Him for that daily, still today. God Bless you, and, like the car window, I like my grass blue, with Rice.

    Mark Hamersly

    “Who, more than self, his Country loved.”

  2. Ruth Gentry says:

    Wayne, I am contacting you to see if you are the author of Creation Do Wah Ditty and to get permission to use that song in our Emmaus Community.

    Thank you so much!!!!

  3. Olivia Andrews says:

    I’m only 11 but I’m super interested in your stories and preaching.
    I have been very touched and inspired by these. I want to let you know that you have put a great impact on my life as a christian! Thank you so much and may god bless you and your family.

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