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Our daughter-in-law Tamara was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, had successful surgery and was subsequently laid off from her job.  She was denied unemployment benefits, putting a real strain on family finances.  So many of us have been praying for her and for our son Nathan as they try to keep their heads above water financially.

Does God answer prayer?  On Friday, Tamara was called by a producer at CNN to appear on Larry King Live for a special program they were doing on unemployment.


Here’s a video clip of the interview:

Who knows what the final outcome of this will be, but we are praising God for graciously providing this opportunity for Tamara.  God is good.

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It’s easy to see here why we love being grandparents.

Nick, Jack and Maddie, February 2009

Nick, Jack and Maddie, February 2009

Marci and I never forget how many years we’ve been married because our January 27 anniversary date is forever linked to the number of Super Bowls that have taken place (43 this year) … plus it always falls on the about the same weekend. We always try to celebrate our anniversary as big as we can (depending on what we can afford to do at the time). This year, we were blessed to be able to make a return trip to New Orleans, our first visit there since Katrina. We’ve always loved New Orleans: the culture, the music, the food, the art and architecture. We enjoyed it all last week after spending the weekend in Memphis Tennessee where I did a parent seminar at Christ United Methodist Church Friday night, a men’s breakfast on Saturday morning and preached three services on Sunday. From there we took the train to New Orleans and really had a good time. Besides a really nice meal at Emeril’s, we heard some great jazz at a little club called the Spotted Cat. It only holds about 30 people inside, plus the bar and stage. We sat close to the musicians and just marveled at how blessed we were to be there. Here’s a sample which I shot on our digital camera:

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Last year I acquired from my Aunt Mabel (age 90+) an old fiddle that belonged to her father (my grandfather Clay Powers) and before that, her grandfather (my great-grandfather). Actually I didn’t know that any of our ancestors on the Powers side (my mother’s family) were musicians. I always assumed the music in my family came more from my father’s side.

The fiddle came in an old home-made wooden “coffin case” that was damaged and the fiddle was not in playing condition when I got it. Inside the fiddle body was an inscription “Antonio Stradivarius 1740″ but it wasn’t really a Stradivarius violin. A google search confirmed that there were many Strad copies made in the 1800′s and almost all European violin-makers stamped the Stradivarius name on their violins.

Still, the fiddle looked nice (just needed repair) and it was a family heirloom. So I brought the fiddle home from Tennessee and had a luthier (violin-maker) in Bonsall restore it to playing condition. He also repaired the case. My plan was to give this treasure to my sister Mary (who plays fiddle) for Christmas but we didn’t get a chance to see her before Christmas this year … so I delivered the fiddle to her this past weekend and she was of course happy to get it.

The fiddle is not really in good enough shape to play regularly or in concert, but it sounds pretty good. Over the holidays I let the fiddle player in my bluegrass band, Tom Cunningham, play a couple of tunes on it just to see how it sounds. Marci shot a video:

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