Last Stop on an Amazing Cruise

Marci at the "Marble Church" Copenhagen

Marci at the "Marble Church" Copenhagen

Yesterday we arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark and spent most of the day exploring the city which has some very interesting sights to see. There are lots of tourists, shops and crowded streets. We took a little tour this morning and our guide pointed out some huge churches, mentioned that the Lutheran Church is the official state church and further commented “You might assume that Denmark is a very religious country with a state church and so many churches all over the city but that’s not the case. We are not a religious country. The only religion that is on the increase here is Islam. In fact there is quite a controversy right now regarding a mosque that is going to be built in Copenhagen.”

It truly is sad to go into some of these huge, very ornate church buildings in Copenhagen and see that they have just become tourist attractions and restaurants. I sometimes wonder if the same thing is going to happen in the U.S. if we fail to pass our faith on to our children and grandchildren.

Me with Hans Christian Andersen, Copenhagen

Me with Hans Christian Andersen, Copenhagen

But Copenhagen is a beautiful city and again, there just isn’t time to see it all even though we’ve had two days here have been to most of the tourist attractions (palaces, castles, cathedrals, downtown areas and even the Tivoli Gardens theme park which was Walt Disney’s inspiration for Disneyland.) We’ve taken lots of pictures and when I get home I’ll post a few more here on the web.

We are finished visiting ports (we stopped in seven altogether-Amsterdam, Helskinki, Stockholm, Warnemunde, St. Petersburg, Tallin and Copenhagen) and now we cruise tonight and tomorrow back to England (Harwich) and fly home Saturday from London. We’ve seen a lot of incredible sights and we’ve had a great time with Mary and Gary and their friends who are now our friends. It’s going to be hard to return to normal life without all the good food and people to wait on us hand and foot but I guess that’s what vacations are for. We are amazed and grateful that we actually got to have a real one this year.

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