Bluegrass Jack

Our two-year old grandson Jack seems to have the talent! Here he is performing with his uncles and grandpa!

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  1. Faye says:

    Wayne, what a treat to see the three of you play together, and with your starring grandson! I haven’t seen Jim or Joe in so long…it would have been Hume Lake, at least 8 years ago, I’m thinking. You just never know what you will find on the web! By the way, Jesse gave me his old mp3 player and I was wondering what was on it…what a blessing. All of a sudden, after several celtic and piano instrumentals, comes Jims voice and Joes mandolin – whew. That just gets things cookin. And this mp3 player even predates knowing you! When I went in to say goodnight he was listening to “Well if you say you’re a Christian, or something like that…
    Faye O

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