bordersI play banjo in a bluegrass band called Lighthouse and we play every first Wednesday of the month at the Friendly Grounds Coffee House in Santee (9225 Carlton Hills Blvd.) from 7 to 9 p.m.  Come on out and see us sometime.  It’s free and a lot of fun.

UPDATE: we are not playing at the Friendly Grounds any longer (as of January 2010).  If you’d like to see if and when we’re playing or get more information about Lighthouse, visit our web page.

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  1. Stephen Brindley says:

    I am an assistant Promoter for the second annual Ramona Bluegrass and Old West Fest being put on by my close friends and colleques Rob Lewallen and Chris Anderson. I have never heard them so esctatic as I did yesterday when they shared with our committee the news that you and your band will be the performing headliner for our April 30th & May 1st event. I am very excited to see you perform, we are planning a road trip to the Friendly Grounds on Wed. April 6th… Thank you for everything!! Stephen

  2. Wayne Rice says:

    Hi Stephen
    We’re looking forward to playing at the Ramona Festival in April. FYI, we are no longer playing at the Friendly Grounds on a regular basis, so don’t go there expecting to hear us. They do have good coffee though!

  3. Stephen Brindley says:


    We were ready to hitch up the saddles and head on down, thank you for the head’s up. We would like to present you with 6 pairs of Tickets for both days to give away on the air promoting your Band as the Headliner of our festival weekend. Also, the Ramonal Journal featured your Band on the front cover of their April edition (40,000 copies distributed free), and I have a big handful of them I would love to present to you for your scrapbook, including a wonderful article. When are you available for me to visit the station and hand you these gems from Ramona? Please let me know.


    Stephen Brindley

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